Pete LaBonne – 2 Track Wedding
Pete LaBonne - Artist Statement 2
Pete LaBonne - The Clockwise 2
Pete LaBonne - Cul De Sac 2
Pete LaBonne - Mailman 2
Pete LaBonne - 100 Monkeys 2
Pete LaBonne - Viper 2
Pete LaBonne - Walk 2

Live At Milestones – Rochester NY 2005
Pete LaBonne Live At Milestones Rochester NY 2005
Listen to Pete LaBonne – Live at Milestones 2005
Pete LaBonne - 100 Monkeys Typing
Pete LaBonne - Somebody Must Be Praying For Me
Pete LaBonne - Silhouette
Pete LaBonne - Sound Of Doom
Pete LaBonne - Toothy Ruthie
Pete LaBonne - Turning The Page

Pete with the Incredible Casuals
Pete LaBonne w/ Incredible Casuals- We Live Like Kings

5 Responses to XTRA THINGS

  1. Denise says:

    Listening to this music from Meditation Garden is a journey..from the very first song Clouds are Overspreading the Region thru the 16th song -The Drivin… each and every one a distinctive gem…I had never heard Pete’s music until hearing a cover of his song “Pajama Pants Baby ” done with respect admiration and style by the “Catbirds” ( Chandler Travis-Rikki Bates-Steve Wood-Dinty Child) and found myself eager to hear more from this artist Pete LaBonne…We are so looking forward to his live appearance on Nov. 19th on the WAMC Linda Stage-Albany NY

  2. Denise says:

    and… Nov. 19 2011 was great -Yes indeed it was..and then there was the Caffe’ Lena Show and it was grand…and now a full circle of 12 came and went and it was once again Nov in Albany only this time Nov 3 in the year 2012 and it was Valentines and it was fabulous – and then Nov 4- it happened again this time in a dream of a scheme ..a day of musical bliss ….it’s Dec. now- and we four talk as I walk a mile in your shoes-

  3. Denise says:

    not quite November yet ..but close enough October …Pete returns to the Capital District -this time when he plays at the River Street Beat Shop Troy NY Saturday Oct 5 at 1:00 PM ~ b there

  4. Mr. Reverse says:

    Sock Ray Blur!

  5. Denise Borden says:

    Looking forward to the return of PETE LABONNE to Troy NY
    Performing At The Hangar on The Hudson – River Street Troy N.Y. -Saturday, April 14 2018 … Pete will be on at 2:00 pm …. thank you to WAIX 106.1 fm THE X and Artie Fredette and Jimmy Barrett for introducing Pete’s music from Meditation Garden to their listeners … so great hearing “ Pajama Pants Baby “ “Silhouette “ and “ the F Word “ played in regular rotation ~ We Love Pete LaBonne and his Music 🎶

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