Pete & The Chandells Live At The Linda

Live At The Linda!
“You wanna hear how loud I usually play?”
So he turns up, and his amplifier makes a horrid buzz.
“My cord’s fucked up. I have another one in the green room.
Why don’t you all just chant ‘Pete Pete Pete Pete’ until I get back.”
We all start chanting ‘Pete Pete Pete’. Meanwhile, he tells me later,
he’s back there shotgunning Colt 45 tall boys and gets so tanked,
he stumbles into the ‘handicapped only’ restroom and pisses on
some wiring, which kills the lights and everyone starts like earnestly making out?
Andy, up in the recording room, rectifies the short, the lights come back on,
and Pete stumbles back on stage (without the cord) and announces his
first song (something, he says, he’s never “you know when you sing something
in front of other people?”) called ‘Guest Of Honor’,
So ensues the pompous horrid buzz which sounds like his rig
checked into a crack house and it’s heart literally exploded.
Lee Bogolive at the linda
photo by Joseph Deuel

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